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(Drop-Shipped) Lotus and Marginals Hardy and Tropical

  1. All orders must meet the $250 minimum order requirement
  2. All orders must meed our minimum variety policy of 3 water lilies and 6 for marginal and surface plants.
  3. We will automaticallly substitute plants of similar variety, price, and color unless the order specifes "no subs"
  4. A $10.00 handling fee will be added to each order
  5. Your order will be shipped either of two ways; A) Fed Ex 2 day service on Mon, Tue, Wed, of the week. Freight will be prepaid and added to the invoice. B) Air freight from Fort Lauderdale FL. Freight charges are collect and paid by the consignee when they pick up the shipment.
  6. 60 hours lead time to process all orders\
  7. All shipments are prepaid and sent freight collect
  8. There will be a box charge of $2.00-3.00 depending on the order and box size

Lotus tubers are shipped in attractively packaged, colorful cartons featuring photographs of the lotus and planting and care instructions. The custom designed carton adds protection to the fragile tuber during shipping.

Marginals are grown and shipped in 2" plastic net pots and 4" pots. Each plant will have a custom 5" stake for identification. These stakes have a color photograph of the plant and care explanation. Each marginal plant is shipped in a plastic floral sleeve for protection during transit.

Be sure to order the the quantiy you want. The lots listed are the minimum plants required to ship.


Many thanks to Florida Aquatic Nurseries for the use of their pictures.

For more information regarding the plants, please visit their website, http://www.floridaaquatic.com/