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Heat Therapy

Published: Fri, 9 Oct 2015 09:23:03
By: Karen LeFever

Heat Therapy for Koi and Goldfish

 As a fish retailer you should consider heat therapy as another tool for disease treatment on koi and goldfish. A seperate quarantine tank that you can heat to 82 to 84 degrees can be useful for some health issues. As water temperatures rise, koi and goldfishes' immune systems becomes more and more active, enabling them to fight off disease pathogens more effectively. At these higher temperatures, Ich will dissapear quickly without medication. The Aeromonas bacteria that causes ulcer disease dislikes temperatures this high. Many times sores can be healed at this temperature without any other treatments. We've heard of Dropsy (pine cone disease) being cured with the combination of medicated food and heat therapy. In heated water, anchor worms and fish lice will "cycle" more quickly, allowing medications (dimilin) to kill off the vulnerable life stages in less time. It's a good idea to maintain salt levels at .3% during treatment. Cautions: • Dissolved oxygen levels will be lower at higher temperatures, so be sure to have adequate circulation. • As always, be aware that any disease treatment or therapy will be ineffective in the absence of good water quality. ::

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