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Green Maiden Lotus (Nelumbo ‘Green Maiden) is a smaller variety of lotus that is more easily controlled than some of its larger cousins. Flowers start out pinkish in color but end up more yellow in appearance. It can be planted in smaller ponds or containers.

Lavender Lady Lotus (Nelumbo ‘Lavender Lady) is pinkish/lavender in color with single flowers. It will reach a height of 5+ feet and is best planted in large ponds or back yard containers with plenty of room.

Roseum Plenum Lotus (Nelumbo “Rosuem Plenum’) has a dark pink flower and grows up to height of 5+ feet and is best suited for larger ponds or containers.

Russian Red Lotus (Nelumbo ‘Russian Red’) has deep pink/red flowers and will also reach a height of 5+ feet and is best suited for large ponds or containers.

Nymphaea “Wanvisa” was voted Best New Water Lily for 2010 by the International Waterlily and Water Garden Society. Nymphaea “Wanvisa was hybridized by Dr. Nopchai Chansilpa of Thailand. This waterlily has several traits that are new to hardy waterlilies. The flower color is a vibrant pink/orange and has yellow streaks running through the flower.

Cardinal Fan Salmon - (Lobelia Fan Salmon) is a Hybrid Cardinal Flower that has Coral/Apricot or Red-Orange flowers and is an excellent bee and butterfly attractor. It will add much color and life to any pond.

Three-square Rush (Scirpus Americanus) is a Bulrush Sedge that is a native marginal plant variety to North America. It can be planted in the water around the edge of a pond to give the pond a more natural look. Three Square Rush has been used to help recover natural areas in mitigation plantings since it forms dense colonies.